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Yaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed is Urdu Romantic novel. Sumaira Hameed is famous for her novels especially on social media.

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Yaram Novel Summary & Review

“Yaram” is an engaging novel about a young girl named Amraha who dreams of studying abroad, despite her family’s belief that she is cursed. With her grandfather’s encouragement, Amraha embarks on a journey to navigate the challenges of university life.

What’s unique about this novel is the attention to detail that the author gives when describing the university experience. As you read, you’ll be transported back to your own college days, recalling the friendships you made and the memories you created.

But this novel is more than just a story about college life. It also deals with themes such as family relationships and the impact of societal beliefs and superstitions. Through Amraha’s experiences, readers are prompted to reflect on their own beliefs and the role they play in shaping their lives.

Overall, “Yaram” is a well-written and relatable novel that touches on important themes while keeping the reader engaged from start to finish.

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Novel characters


The novel “Yaram” features Amraha, a girl from Lahore who is considered unlucky by her family. Despite feeling like a burden, Amraha has a dream of studying abroad, and her grandfather is the only one who supports her. With his encouragement, she applies for a scholarship to the University of Manchester.


At the university, Amraha meets Aliyan, a friendly and well-liked student from Manchester. He prefers to be called by his mother’s name, Aliyan Margaret, and becomes a good friend to Amraha.

Amraha’s grandfather

Amraha’s grandfather is an important character in the story, as he is the only one who cares about her future and helps her pursue her dreams.


Another character in the novel is Vera, a Russian student who becomes friends with Amraha while they both live in the same house in Manchester.


Finally, there’s Carl, a mischievous student at the University of Manchester who enjoys playing pranks on his fellow students. Many students have fallen victim to his practical jokes, and he adds an element of mischief to the story.

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